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O.ME.D. O.ME.D. (article 17). The purpose tive bargaining. workers and employers. Financial independence. providing independent Mediation Greeklaw 1876/1990 "concerning Profile Profile free FEATURES OF O.ME.D. FEATURES OF O.ME.D. Independence from Public Administration. collective Administrative and operational independence. Objectivity in Mediation and Arbitration services. and Arbitration services. Scientific documentation in support of all projects. * The term "Parties" means the workers and employers' organizations. Impartiality and equanimity toward the interests of is a private law legal entity incorporated under after they have been requested by a workers or employers' organization exercising its right to collec- Mediation and Arbitration services are offered only of O.ME.D. is to support collective bargaining by bargaining" No financial charge to the parties* for the Mediation ORGANIZATION FOR MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION (O.ME.D.) 4 ditions. agencies. labour agreements. want to use its services. and Arbitration services. THE DUTY OF O.ME.D. THE DUTY OF O.ME.D. Agreements or Arbitration Decisions) could include any subject public services, public law legal entities and local government home, and all other types of labour offered in employment con- agriculture, animal husbandry, all related work, employment at State in the case of workers employed under private law in the The topics of collective bargaining (Collective Labour tive disputes, and to support the Parties in reaching collective gaining between the Parties in order to resolve possible collec- O.ME.D. makes its services available to workers organiza- tions, employers' organizations, and individual employers who The activities of O.ME.D. aim to facilitate free collective bar- vate law offered by any employer, including employment in The category of employer is meant to include the Greek Collective bargaining aiming to reach a collective agree- ment could apply to all types of salaried employment under pri-
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