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The O.ME.D. O.ME.D. Three tled to vote. relations, Society, lowing parties: Four delegates Commerce (ESEE). Chairman of the Board one University professor one University professor Labour and Social Security. employers' delegates Three workers' delegates one delegate of the Labour other ten members of the Board. in Law, of Directors Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE). of other agencies as follows: BOARD OF DIRECTORS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Finally, one individual who is a broadly recognized expert in either economics or industrial one delegate of the Greek State, from the ministry of appointed by the General appointed as follows: one by the is governed by a Board of Directors which includes the fol- Confederation of Greek Industry (SEB), one by the General members. The deputy chairman is appointed by the Greek minister of Labour, and he or she participates in the meetings but is not enti- BEE), and one by the National Confederation of Greek will be elected among its Confederation of Greek Manufacturers and Merchants (GSE- with experience in industrial relations, who will be elected by the Law and Social Insurance ORGANIZATION FOR MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION (O.ME.D.) 6 of Labour. establishes for itself. The term of each Board of Directors is four years. STRUCTURE AND OPERATIONS STRUCTURE AND OPERATIONS substitutes, are each appointed by the agency they represent. The Board of Directors operates according to the regulations it The Board of Directors is convened by decision of the minister The regular members of the Board of Directors, along with their
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