Employment week 2006

The content and structure of the conference programme will create debate, generate ideas on achieving the European objectives, demonstrate case studies highlighting experience of others and deliver creative solutions to the employment challenges. The conference will aim to deliver conclusions which will have an influence on the overall EU debate. The discussions will present a broad vision of the challenges faced by all parties, the policies in place and the actions which need developing and implementing.

The programme will include keynote, panel, case studies and project showcase sessions. The panel sessions will include speakers representing global perspectives and sometimes conflicting views or interests. The project showcase sessions will be presented by selected exhibitors on topics directly related to the main conference programme.

The speakers will be recruited from various disciplines such as high-level policy makers in Europe, EU bodies, social partners, NGOs, corporate companies, pressure groups and other practitioners.

NEW FOR 2006: For the first time, an Advisory Committee composed of organisations representing the interests of all the EU stakeholders, will be set up to achieve a balanced representation of views at the Employment Week conference.

For further information please visit Employment Week 2006 web site.

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