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The Organisation of Mediation and Arbitration (O.ME.D) renews its presence on the internet and presents its website in English. Using this website, one can obtain information for the  Services provided by OMED, have an idea about its structure, acquire access to important information that concerns various aspects of the field of industrial relations, possess in a serviceable form the latest legislation around Collective Bargaining in Greece, and finally access the most important websites in Greece and all around the world through  web links.

The Organisation of Mediation and Arbitration was established by the law for  «Free Collective Bargaining» (1876/1990) and its main purpose is to help the Social Partners under negotiation to conclude to a solution through mediation when the negotiations cannot lead to an acceptable solution by both Parties.

When the mediation process does not lead to a desirable effect, the next step of the regulation is the process of arbitration.

During the last more than ten years of OMED’s presence a more important aspect of its function emerged, that of its role as a field for public dialogue, regardless of the final result.

The participation of Greece in the European Union resulted to a modern legal framework which facilitates the collective bargaining and encourages Parties to find the appropriate solution.

OMED can only intervene if an impasse occurs. This means that its role is only complementary.


This freedom that governs the bargaining is conforming to the significance of collective autonomy which can be characterized nowadays as a European vested.

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